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Across the country, more and more consumers are shopping local, especially for fresh fruits and vegetables and other food items grown and produced by area farmers, growers, and vendors.

That’s why Connie’s Preserves is proud to be a member of the Waygreen Local Fare Market, a non-profit healthy food initiative based in Waycross, Ga. Their mission: improving the health of the community by providing access to healthy food and food education. From early Spring to late Fall, Waygreen typically offers a Saturday morning farmer’s market in Waycross and Brunswick, alternating between the two cities several times a month. They often feature live cooking demonstrations using the foods sold at the market — a fun way to learn about healthy eating.

Like Connie’s Preserves, the Waygreen vendors are local growers and producers who take pride in offering high-quality food/products. The shop local movement has many advantages. Among them, being able to meet the person or persons who grew the vegetable and to ask him or her directly about the product. By shopping local, consumers pump their dollars back into their own local communities.

In addition to the live, in-person farmer’s markets, Waygreen also offers a range of items online each week: fresh duck eggs, breads, beef, chicken, shrimp, herbs, vegetables, jams, jellies, teas, rubs, seasonings, condiments, honey, cooking oils, cheeses and more. Yes. Connie’s Preserves are among the items offered each week.

Shoppers can browse the weekly offerings at Waygreen’s Online Store. They pay for their selections online and choose a delivery or pickup option. Customers in the Waycross, Brunswick, St. Simon’s Island, Nashville, and Tifton areas can shop Sunday through Tuesday and pick up their items on Thursday or Friday. Drive-through options allow for safe pickup that maintains social distancing.

For more on the Waygreen events and special sales, go to Or contact them at

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